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Recruitment 2021/2022

Electronic submission system closed.

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What happens after I submit the form?
The on-line application is a step-by-step process.
After filling out and submitting the initial form with your contact information, you should:
1) Receive an e-mail with login information to the applicant profile interface. If the e-mail will not reach your mailbox within 1 hour, please check your e-mail spam folder. If it’s not there either, contact our admission staff for assistance.
2) Log in in order to fill out a questionnaire regarding your education, aptitude tests taken and personal statement, upload scanned copies of the required certificates and documents
3) Having done that, submit the application by clicking on the ORANGE “Submit” button.
4) print and sign (two PDF files):
A) the application for admission to the Doctoral School generated by the system
B) along with the questionnaire,

and then send their scan via e-mail to the Doctoral School Office, e-mail address:
Our staff will contact you to request additional documents/information, if necessary.
In case of any TECHNICAL problems with the system you can contact:
Assoc. Prof. Michal Karlik
Poznan University of Medical Sciences
mkarlik ( AT )